//. Audio Engineer Schools for the 21st Century

IntoMusic.ca - Canada's next generation of schools for music production - offers students a leading-edge program on how to be a music producer. Our courses go far beyond what traditional audio engineer schools teach. With 15 years of experience professionally recording, producing, mixing and mastering music, IntoMusic.ca's innovative approach shows you how to be a music producer in today's rapidly evolving music business.

//. The IntoMusic.ca Audio Engineer Schools Difference

Whether you are just starting-out or already producing music & want to improve your skills, our schools for music production give you practical training in focused, affordable blocks. Our instructors are professional producers and engineers, actively working on projects in our studio. We regularly use these projects in class as examples.

Our audio engineer schools training emphasizes tools and techniques that will make you competitive in the music industry of the next 25 years. From a solid grounding in traditional recording skills to an exploration of the latest cutting-edge techniques, our trainers show you the best way to become a successful music producer in today's challenging market.

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