// How To Be A Music Producer for the 21st Century

IntoMusic.ca - Canada's next generation of schools for music production offers students a cutting edge program on how to be a music producer. It is a program that goes far beyond what traditional audio engineer schools teach. With over a decade of experience professionally recording, producing, mixing and mastering music, IntoMusic.ca's innovative approach shows students how to be a music producer in the modern music business.

// The IntoMusic.ca Audio Engineer Schools Difference

From beginner to advanced levels we give you practical knowledge in focused, affordable training blocks. Our instructors are professional producers and engineers who are actively working on projects. These projects are frequently used as in-class examples.

Our audio engineer schools training emphasizes tools and techniques that will make you competitive in the music industry of the next 25 years. From a solid grounding in traditional recording skills to an exploration of the latest cutting edge techniques, our trainers show you the best way of becoming a music producer in today's market.

// Think Like A Music Producer

At Intomusic.ca you will learn how to be a music producer and how to THINK like a music producer - We teach you how to use cutting edge audio production tools in a highly technical and artistic manner. Your work in the studio becomes more like a musical performance than a mere set of mechanical procedures.

// Join a Thriving Artist Community

When you enroll at our facility, you also become part of our community of artists: our Talent Pool. We have an open-door policy - we actively encourage our students to stay in touch so that we can give you ongoing feedback about your progress, even after you have completed our classes. The most ambitious members of our Talent Pool become our clients and contractors to whom we cross-refer audio work.



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