Dynamic Range

Learn how to use five additional vintage compressors for the ultimate variety of dynamic manipulation.

Frequency Range

Employ band limiting, equal loudness contours and EQ Yin and Yang to achieve a mastery of parametric equalization


Reel To Reel

Tape Colouration and Mix Console Summing

Discover how analog console summing and analog tape impress a flattering character onto your mix.

Stereo Imaging

A new set of tools and techniques empowers you to create an expansive sound stage that will leap out into any room.

Stereo Shuffler

Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing

Push your knowledge of parallel signal routing even further, and make profound improvements to any mix in seconds.

Dynamic Mixing

Transform a static mix into one that lives and breathes over the course of the song, accentuating musical gestures.



Mixes That Gel

Create technically precise mixes that also gel beautifully into a cohesive whole.

The Signature Sound

Push your creativity and vision to craft a signature sound for your mix, the ultimate achievement of an audio engineer.


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